Who are we?

About the festival

The year 2016 marked the commencement of a new tradition in the city of Miraj, as the first ever Miraj International Short Film Festival(MISFF) was held in February 2016.

It was for the very first time a festival of such kind and magnitude was being held here. To bring back the fading lime light, bestow the truly deserved recognition of the city and safeguard the city’s rich heritage was the sole purpose of organizers and the festival directors.

It seems art does not have language, it neither minds borders nor race, and it rather came true at the film festival. Films from different states of the country and across the globe participated in the festival and proudly took back prizes from our soil, entwining with us, a lifelong relation. We are now reaching to you with the second edition of the MISFF only to join more people in our initiative and inspire the youth of today in the art of filmmaking. We aim to recognize the smallest glimpse of a filmmaker and avail them a platform to showcase their talent. Come; let’s get mesmerized in this beautiful carnival of art.

About the City

Miraj- a city that can be defined in a single word: Art! The city adorned with a crown of art and music. They say art runs in the blood and it couldn’t be truer for this city. The hometown of percussion and stringed instruments, a rich heritage of classical music and a tradition of theater and dramas dating back to the independence struggle. The land gave birth to many artist.

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